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Mackerel with Glykadia (Vinegar) and Samian Muscat Wine


3-4 mackerel fish

200g cherry tomatoes cut in half

200g all-purpose flour

200ml olive oil

½ cup Samian muscat wine

1 package baby spinach

200g small white mushrooms

2 fresh onions, finely-chopped



1 sprig rosemary

½ cup “glykadia” (Samian local vinegar)


Salt the fish, then flour and fry it in hot oil. Quench with the vinegar and Samian musk wine. After the fish has been fried, remove it from the frying pan and place it on absorbent kitchen paper towel. Begin preparing the “syvrasi” (“accompaniments” or “toppings”) by sautéing the onions and mushrooms. When these are ready, add the cherry tomatoes, along with the spinach. Salt and pepper it all, and optionally add a little coriander and rosemary.


Finely-chopped garlic and parsley may be placed in the belly area of the fish, if so desired.

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